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Enhance Your Experience

Lithium Ion Battery Pack (105 Ah)

  • 80% lighter than lead acid. (300 lb Weight Savings)

  • 30% lighter than other lithium batteries.

  • More speed, more torque and more amp hours.

  • 51V 105Ah Eco Battery LiFePo4

  • 51V On-Board Battery Charger 

  • LCD Battery Monitor

Front Cowl Cooler 

The Front Cowl Cooler carries and maintains your beverages temperature while adding a stylish flare to your Icon.

Rear Mounted Bag Carrier

This attachment hugs your bags snugly, sliding over your rear grab bar, welded for stability and noise reduction

JBL Bluetooth Audio System 

Add the luxury of your own JBL Bluetooth Stereo.

Front Cargo Basket 

The Front Cargo Basket adds utility to the front end of your Icon without sacrificing cabin space.

Powder Coated Steel Nerf Bars 

The Powder Coated Steel Nerf Bars provide accessibility and convenience to your Icon. 

Interior Cargo Basket 

Add function to your dash with the Interior Cargo Basket.

Steering Column Cooler 

Cool your drinks with an unbeatable ease of access.

Carbon Fiber Locking Dash

Secure the contents of your Icon with style.

Gyroscopic Rear CupHolders 

Gyroscopic cup holders for front facing back seats that maintain balance in any terrain. 

Xtreme Mat

Laser-measured, non-slip rubber mat for any spills. 

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