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Icon Golf Cart FAQ's

From the Manual EMB switch to checking your brake fluid reservoir, we will discuss FAQ for Icon EV owners below.

Q: When should I use the Manual EMB switch on my Icon?

A: The manual EMB switch (pictured above) is your manual electromagnetic brake temporary release switch. It can be utilized for short periods of time when you need to roll the cart freely. It is extremely important to note that when the switch is enabled, it will begin draining your batteries. If you do not switch the manual EMB switch back to either "OFF" or "RUN", you will run the risk of permanently damaging your battery pack. Keep a vigilant eye on when and for how long this switch is used.

Q: Do I need to switch my cart into the "OFF" position when I am charging my batteries?

A: Yes, it is recommended in the owner's manual (page 18) to always put the main power switch in the "OFF" position before charging. Before charging, lift up your seat and move the main power switch to the "OFF" position.

Q: How should I store my golf cart in the winter in a way that is safe for my batteries?

A: The first step in preparing your Icon EV for winter storage is inspecting your cart from the top to bottom. Look for signs of rust, give your cart a good cleaning and inspect for anything that would not be beneficial for your cart throughout storage.

Charge your Icon's batteries fully, and remove the battery pack. Store them (disconnected) in a cool, dry place that's temperature range stays within 32 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Recharge your batteries every two to three months.

Q: My SOC (State of Charge) Meter is not Reflecting the Correct Percentage, what do I do?

A: Try the reset procedure: when the charge indicator by the charge port is glowing green, plug the cart in with the key ignition in the off position. Plug the cart in and wait until the charge light turns on. Turn the key to the on position. Wait 5 seconds, turn the key back off, unplug the cart, turn the key back on. Your state of charge meter should reflect a more accurate percentage now. For the most accurate charge level, use the volt meter as opposed to the state of charge meter.

Q: How do I check my Brake Fluid Resevoir?

A: Place each of your hands in the phone holders located on either side of your cupholders. Pull out and up evenly with medium force. The dash should now release and pull up, set it to the side while being careful to not disconnect any wires that are connected to your digital display. You may now view or fill your brake fluid reservoir.

Did I miss anything? Please, feel free to send us an email at I will be sure to help you to the best of my ability as soon as possible.

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